FREE Fun and Food publicity templates

Free Fun and Food Publicity Templates

If you are a school or community group providing holiday activities funded through the DfE Holiday Activity Fund (HAF) please take the following steps to promote your ‘Free Fun and Food’ activity sessions:

1. ASAP your organisation MUST have registered as a provider on the Ask Lion website If you find this process difficult, help will be available from note Ask Lion will publicise details for free – there is no advertising charge for the Ask Lion website.

2. ASAP your organisation MUST have uploaded all of your planned activity sessions to the Ask Lion website so that a full list of activity sessions can be publicised to schools and FSM families before the start of the schools holidays. Details of the activities will need to include:

  • Name of activity session
  • Description of activity session – written in an appealing way to attract families
  • Time and date of activity session
  • Full postal address for the activity session – including the postcode
  • Contact details for any questions, and booking instructions

3. Any flyers or social media graphics used to promote the activity sessions must use the appropriate branding. Ready-made templates are available below to download. Your organisation can add your own logo to these templates. If your organisation wishes to create your own publicity materials, this is permitted, so long as you include the Free Fun and Food emoji face logo, the Department for Education logo and the Nottingham City Council logo. All of these logos are available below to download.

4. If you have any questions about branding or publicity please email

Download Free Fun & Food logo

Download Nottingham City Council logo

Download Department for Education logo