Nottingham City Council will be carrying out major tree works on Radford Boulevard, Nottingham in the next two weeks. The work is planned to take place between 23 March and 03 April. The works are likely to affect residents as well as road and footpath users in the area but to minimise this, the work will be carried out during off peak hours.

This essential work in the Radford Boulevard area is required as a result of recent tree inspections in the area. This identified that a number of the larger and more vigorous trees are growing too large for their location and because of this are now too close to buildings. The work will include the ongoing and managed pruning of existing trees and the felling of four trees at the junction of Radford Boulevard and Denman Street.

The work will take place in the area between Hartley Road and Ilkeston Road on Radford Boulevard and will require road closures and diversions in the area.

The works will be undertaken under strict supervision by Nottingham City Council and letters have been delivered to local residents and businesses giving advance notice of the works. Nottingham City Council is also advising residents and road users that vehicles must not be parked on the road during this time. Any vehicles remaining in the area of the works will be removed to the nearest safe parking area.

People travelling through the area are being advised that delays are likely and they should consider using alternative routes if possible. To ease the impact on traffic in the area, Nottingham City Council will be putting traffic management into the area during the work. This will include signage, barriers, diversions and traffic control. Road users are advised to follow these for guidance and to find alternative routes.

Portfolio Holder for Leisure and Culture, Councillor Dave Trimble, said: “These works to cut back and remove some of the larger and stronger growing trees in the area are vital and demonstrates Nottingham City Council’s ongoing commitment to ensuring the safety of road users, pedestrians and residents using the area. Nottingham City Council recognises the important role of trees to provide homes for nature and improve the appearance of urban spaces and for the four trees which will be removed, eight others will be planted in parks across Nottingham.”

Nottingham City Council Tree Services can be contacted by telephone on 0115 915 2705 or by email at

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