A homeless man, often found drinking and sleeping in Hyson Green’s Mary Potter Centre, has been banned from the health centre after continuously refusing to leave and assaulting a security guard.

Tadeusz Wierminski, aged 32, has been regularly spotted in the centre on Gregory Boulevard to drink and sleep during late 2017 and early 2018. When asked by security to leave, he would often refuse aggressively, notably punching a security guard in the face, leading to an eight-week prison sentence.

Following his release, Wierminski continued to loiter around the centre and its toilets in a heavily intoxicated state, leading staff members to frequently call the police for him to be removed. Offers of help by support agencies has been given to him, but he has persistently failed to engage or address his actions.

Nottingham City Council’s Community Protection Team applied for an injunction to prevent him from entering the building but Wierminski took no notice of his prohibition, once again entering and refusing to leave.
Wierminski failed to attend a court hearing on 24 January , the court decided in his absence that by entering the Mary Potter Centre he risks arrest and further action being taken against him.

Upon obtaining this court order, referrals have been made to help Wierminski address his street drinking, homelessness plight and alcohol dependent life.

Portfolio Holder for Community and Customer Services, Cllr Toby Neal, said: “We hoped that by offering support, Wierminski would address his lifestyle. However, we had to consider the safety of those working and visiting the health centre. We hope that by receiving this court order, he will address his needs and engage with our support services.”