Home to an impressive cycling heritage, today Nottingham is blazing a new trail in biking brilliance. 

This Bike Week, we’re celebrating the way that Nottingham City Council, together with partners, is making Nottingham a better and safer city to get around for all types of cyclists. 

Some of the benefits of a bike-friendly city include: 

  • Riding a bike to work or for everyday errands boosts productivity and happiness and cuts congestion, emissions and the cost of travel 
  • Cycling contributes to a growing economy through increased spending on high streets – those on foot or bike spend around 40% more than motorists – as well as reduced pressure on the NHS and better access to jobs 

The latest Citizen’s Survey data reveals that an all-time high number of Nottingham residents – 18% – are walking or cycling to work. Cycling and walking levels combined with high public transport use means that only half of all trips to work in Nottingham are by private car.  

For the health of our city, our planet and our families, we need more Nottingham people to join the many people who already cycle and try out some of the new and emerging cycle routes to get to work, school or the shops – saving money and time! 

Right now, around 52% of Nottingham people drive in a car or van to work, often for very short distances (the 2021 Census showed that 48% of our residents live 10km or less from work). Those who drive short distances to work worsen air pollution, climate change and cause poor health for themselves and others. 

Thanks to a package of funding from the UK Government the City Council bid for and won in 2020 under the Transforming Cities programme, as well as other sources of money such as Active Travel England, Nottingham continues to build a network of safe segregated cycle lanes enabling more and more residents to take advantage of the most clean, sustainable and affordable method of travel.  

  • This spring Lime e-bikes launched in Nottingham. Over 300 e-bikes are available to use in the city and can be found at designated parking bays. Since the scheme launched there have been 5,000 users and a total of 15,000 trips. 
  • The first phase of the Carlton Road cycle scheme is due to be completed by 18 June 
  • The new cycle scheme on Hucknall Road is now open, with future work planned to connect this path up via Andover Road  
  • Works to connect the vital east-west route continue with the City Centre Cycle Routes project – works are progressing well on the Station Street/London Road junction and we expect to move onto the London Road Island area shortly, linking up the station and western cycle routes with Fisher Gate and Biocity 
  • Following a consultation, work will begin this autumn on a new cycling corridor on St Ann’s Well Road, expanding cycling infrastructure into an area of the city where it is currently lacking compared to other areas 
  • We recently won £1.7m funding from Active Travel England for a new cycle corridor on Porchester Road which again will begin to provide infrastructure in the north-south corridor. Our next step is to begin working up designs, consulting and engaging with residents to get the design right before we begin work 
  • We expect planning permission to be granted later this summer for the new walking and cycling bridge across the River Trent 
  • Last month, partnered with Love to Ride we promoted Bike Month. A record number of riders registered for the challenge, with a total of just under 44,000 miles ridden!  
  • British Cycling’s ten-week Cycling Confidence Programme is in full swing in St Ann’s and Beechdale 

Plus, Nottingham City Council has joined up with eight Nottinghamshire Councils to help residents reduce their carbon footprints through the Notts Green Rewards programme. After signing up, you can win prizes for taking sustainable actions, like riding your bike, completing cycling training and more. 

Nottingham City Council’s Portfolio Holder for Highways, Transport and Planning, Councillor Angela Kandola, said: “It’s been amazing to see the transformation of the city over the last ten years to enable more people to cycle and building stronger relationships with our partners including Ridewise and Sustrans. 

“We were thrilled to have our hard work recognised earlier this year when Active Travel England rated Nottingham among the best in the country with a level 3 rating – making us one of only five local authorities in England to achieve this level. 

“Riding a bike is a great way to stay healthy and fit while getting from A to B, while also saving thousands of pounds a year – get on your bike and give it a go this summer!” 

Upcoming cycling events in Nottingham include: