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Six exciting digital exhibits which will form an important part of the renewed Nottingham Castle visitor experience from 2021 are up for grabs for creative companies.

The £30m Nottingham Castle Transformation Project, made possible thanks to a grant from The National Lottery Heritage Fund, is well underway and now a process to select companies to deliver six exciting digital projects has been launched.

These range from medieval themed interactive exhibits and games to immersive film production and more, capturing a thousand years of history and transforming it into a revolutionary modern visitor experience.

Nottingham Castle has a highly ambitious vision for the various exhibits, experiences and games, which will bring history to life for visitors. It is therefore seeking digital companies with a talent for storytelling and the ability to produce highly immersive, creative, engaging and visual experiences.

It is hoped that in the initial years after reopening in 2021, Nottingham Castle will attract around 250,000 visitors annually. Any digital company involved in designing and delivering these projects can therefore expect a substantial amount of exposure and the opportunity to play a defining role in the future of Nottingham Castle.

Two of the six tender opportunities are currently open, with a limited time remaining for digital companies to register their interest in tendering.

These are:

These will be followed by an additional four opportunities which will go live on ProContract in September:

  • Robin Hood Immersive film tender (£220k): An immersive film experience with accompanying audio soundscape that transports viewers on a journey from modern day Nottingham to the medieval world of Robin Hood. Opens w/c 02.09.19.
  • Gallery Screen Games tender (£180k): A series of fast-paced and challenging interactive touchscreen and tabletop games to encourage visitors to engage with the world of medieval Nottingham by playing the role of particular characters. Opens w/c 02.09.19.
  • Rebellion Digital Content (£70k): A series of high quality digital, explorable interactives and animations which bring to life objects in the gallery and the idea of satirical political posters, encouraging visitors to engage with these objects and concepts. Opens w/c 23.09.19.
  • Alabaster Carving & Salt Glazed Pottery (£30k). A series of ‘making’ stations which allow visitors to try out and learn more about the design and production techniques of alabaster carving and salt glazed pottery. Opens w/c 30.09.19.

During the tender process, digital companies will be asked to provide a company profile, detail of any relevant previous experience and a proposal for how they would design and deliver the project.

For more information, go to ProContract to register.

Nigel Hawkins, Head of Culture at Nottingham City Council, said: “This is a very exciting stage in the development of the Castle Transformation Project. We are looking for the most imaginative and creative ideas from local talents and further afield who will play a defining role in the future of Nottingham Castle for years to come.

“These exhibits will contribute significantly towards building the experience for our visitors as they begin to explore the site and the thousands of years of history it holds. We’re really looking forward to receiving entries and expect there to be a great deal of competition as the project continues to bring investment and opportunities into the city.”

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