Recycling is set to get a lot easier – and even greener – for tens of thousands of people living in flats in Nottingham as plastic bags are gradually phased out.

As part of its push to drop single-use plastic from its operations, Nottingham City Council has begun rolling out brand new ‘ultimate bins’ – a 1100 litre capacity large recycling bin that can be used to recycle cardboard, plastic, paper, food and drinks cans and glass.

Residents can add mixed, unbagged recycling into the bins – the waste will then be sorted and recycled by Nottingham City Council’s recycling partner, Enva.

The new ultimate bins mean the end of the orange plastic bags previously used by people in flats in Nottingham.

Councillor Sally Longford, Portfolio Holder for Energy, Environment and Democratic Services, said: “Nottingham City Council is proud to be working really hard to eliminate single-use plastic. We were getting through 160,000 of these recycling bags a year, so it’s fantastic to see them replaced with these modern communal recycling bins which will also allow residents in flats to recycle more than ever before.”

Alvin Henry, Head of Waste at Nottingham City Council, said: “We’ve been keen to find a solution to the issue of the single-use recycling bags for some time, and we’re really excited to introduce the new ultimate bin. We know that many flat residents have asked for better recycling options and we’re pleased to have worked with them to find a solution to the issue.”

Shannon, a resident at a flat complex, which has now had the new bins delivered, said: “Thanks to Nottingham City Council implementing this scheme and responding to resident’s requests, the addition of recycling bins to flats will make it much easier for people like me to reduce their waste. While recycling is a great option, I’d like to encourage people to reduce and reuse when possible too!”

It’s essential that residents don’t put bagged waste into the new bins – Nottingham City Council can’t recycle any waste in a sealed plastic bag, or plastic bags themselves. Other common items that are found in recycling bins in Nottingham that cannot be recycled include nappies, textiles, food waste, issues, foil, polystyrene and pizza boxes covered in cheese or grease – clean pizza boxes are fine.

Councillor Sally Longford and Alvin Henry with residents in flats who are now using the new recycling bins