A memory box found underneath grassy banks on Woodthorpe Recreation Ground has been reunited with the granddaughter of the man identified in the box.

Craig Hunt, Assistant Neighbourhood Operations Manager at Nottingham City Council, found the box full of memories buried in bushes on the park in Sherwood. It contains old style passports, photos and a wallet.

The name on the most recent identification documents in the box was Stanley Leatherland but his last known address in Bestwood no longer existed.

After a successful Facebook campaign, the box was reunited with Stanley’s granddaughter Katie Gilbert who was delighted that the treasured memories found their way back home.

Craig Hunt said: “It was just by luck we found the box. The area where the box was found would normally just be trimmed but we were testing a machine on the steep bank that can cut even the highest and toughest of brambles and grass.

“As the machine cut in we heard a bit of a bang and that’s when we saw the box and we know somebody would want this back. We tried the last address in the box but the house had been torn down and a new development built, so we turned to the power of social network and the response was overwhelming. Over a thousand people shared the post and gladly the granddaughter of the late Stanley Leatherland got in touch and came to collect the box. It was a very emotional and grateful reunion! No one knows how the box got to be buried on the park.”