Dog fouling

May 22, 2016

Your dog, your responsibility!

Some dog owners think they can get away with not picking up their dog’s mess…. We don’t!

Failing to pick up after your dog is not only illegal, it’s dangerous. Dog poo can spread roundworm parasites, leading to an infection causing blindness and even death if not treated. There are around 50 cases a year in the year, usually affecting young children.

Make sure you pick up the mess straight away, seal the bag and place the waste in a bin. In Nottingham, all the bins can be used for dog waste. If there’s no bin around, take the bag home and put it in your own bin.

Do not throw the bag over a fence, hang it on a tree or leave the bag on the pathway.

Did you know?

  • Dog owners in Nottingham can now be fined £70 if you don’t have poo bags with them while walking their dog
  • The maximum penalty for committing an offence is £1000 in a magistrate’s court. Alternatively offenders can pay an on-the-spot fine of £70
  • Our Community Protection teams perform plain clothes covert operations to catch irresponsible dog owners at all times of the day and night
  • Cleaning up dog poo is the responsibility of whoever is looking after the dog, even if they’re not the owner
  • It’s illegal for anyone to leave their dog’s mess behind – the only exception is guide dogs
  • Our teams monitor dog poo hotspots and respond quickly to your reports, clearing over FOURTEEN THOUSAND poos across the city in 2016 – costing taxpayers over £71,000.

Sick of dog poo in your neighbourhood? Report dog fouling in confidence today and we’ll help you get it sorted. The more information you can give us the better – including details like:

  • the time/s the dog fouling is happening
  • the place/s the dog fouling is happening
  • a description of the dog and the owner
  • if the owner is using a car, a description and registration number
  • the address of the owner (if you know it)

If you can discreetly take a picture of the owner, do so, but never put yourself at risk by confronting an irresponsible dog owner.

Report it online or call 0115 915 2020.

Download and print our dog fouling poster to put up in your window, to remind dog owners that dog fouling is illegal.

Stray dogs also contribute to the problem of dog fouling in neighbourhoods.  If you find a stray dog, please contact the Dog Control Team on 0115 9152020.