We’re passionate about keeping Nottingham one of the cleanest big cities in the country – in 2014, we were recognised as Britain’s Cleanest City, and we continue to work hard every day to keep Nottingham sparkling.

What we do:

– we clean all city centre streets every day – we’re picking up litter and sorting spills 20 hours of the day, seven days a week. Teams focus on high footfall and known problem spots

– we clean tram and bus stops every day

– we empty bins up to four times per day

– we clean the frontages of public buildings daily

– we clean all neighbourhood streets weekly, focusing on problem spots

– we respond to reports of dog fouling to clean it up within 48 hours

– we respond to reports of fly-tips to clean them up within 48 hours

– we respond to reports of graffiti to clean it up within 48 hours

– we inspect drains daily, for leaf fall and other detritus, and blockages that could cause flooding, reporting issues to our highways teams

– we clear leaves in autumn

What we’re proud of …

Tackling litter

Nottingham is one of the cleanest big cities in Britain, with our Street Scene teams working round the clock to keep Nottingham’s streets clean.

Our new Clean Champions scheme provides litter pickers, high-vis vests, gloves, bin bags and help and advice to the many civic-minded people who want to make their local area better by going out and picking up litter.

Bulky waste

Nottingham City Council is one of a handful of local councils in the UK that offer residents a FREE Bulky Waste service, collecting mattresses, sofas, electrical goods and other large items of household waste.

Book a bulky waste collection.


Nottingham is determined to tackle fly-tipping with rapid removal and activity to prosecute tippers whenever possible. Occasionally, we’ll leave a fly-tip in place for a little longer while we investigate, but generally they are removed straight.

Report a fly-tip.


Nottingham takes a zero tolerance stance on graffiti. We will clear it all graffiti, even from

private property. In the last year we have removed 150,000 square metres of graffiti.

Report graffiti.

Green Flags

Around 20% of Nottingham is covered in park land – there are 128 city council owned parks and gardens in the city. 29 of them currently have Green Flag Awards – and Nottingham is the city with the second highest number of Green Flags!

Greening and tidying your Neighbourhoods

Nottingham City Council’s Street Scene teams do more than emptying your bins! Teams deep clean  litter hotspots including alleyways, footpaths and car parks, cut back overgrown trees, hedges and shrubbery, clear moss, clean road signs, weed borders and plant bulbs.

Little touches that make your neighbourhood cleaner, greener and a nicer place to live!

Nottingham in Bloom

Nottingham has won its twentieth Gold award in the East Midlands in Bloom competition. The trophy for the Large City category is for a year round campaign that makes our city cleaner and greener. We have previously won Britain in Bloom four times and ‘Champion of Champions’ in 2008.