Trams made their first daytime test runs on new sections of Nottingham’s expanding tram network today (Monday).

Following intensive night-time trials on the Clifton line between the city’s railway station and Wilford Lane, the NET Phase Two project marked another important step forward as daylight testing got under way.

Phil Hewitt, Chief Executive of NET concessionaire Tramlink Nottingham, said: “Major construction work on the extensions to Clifton and Chilwell is virtually complete with track having been laid along the entire route. Now local communities will start to see the testing and commissioning phase of the project really gathering pace over the coming weeks.

“The extensive testing of infrastructure, tracks and equipment across the expanded network is progressing well. Night-time trials are currently taking place on the line as far as Clifton town centre and as far as the ng2 Business Park, on the new line to Chilwell.”

The first daylight runs are scheduled to be carried out between 10am, and 3pm in The Meadows and on to Wilford Lane and leaflets have been handed out at nearby schools and in local communities to keep them up-to-date on developments.

There will be an opportunity for people in The Meadows and Wilford to see one of the new trams up-close and to find out more details about the testing as it becomes more intensive. On Wednesday and Thursday this week a tram will be stationed on the toll bridge between 3pm and 4pm offering people the opportunity get on board and ask questions.

Mr Hewitt said: “Clearly this is a key moment for the project as people will see trams running in their communities during daylight hours. Although trams travel along on-street sections of the route like any other vehicle it will obviously be an unfamiliar sight at first and people will need to get used to them.”

Councillor Jane Urquhart, Portfolio Holder for Planning and Transportation at Nottingham City Council, said: “Daytime testing to Wilford on the new line to Clifton means that people in that area will get a chance to see the new trams and get a real feel for what it will be like when services start running.

“It’s another demonstration that the construction stage is coming to an end as we move into testing and commissioning.”