Three tattoo and make-up studios in Nottingham have achieved the top five-star rating in a countywide project to promote hygiene standards.

The Hygiene Accreditation Scheme was set up by eight local authorities across Nottinghamshire in 2018. It is voluntary membership scheme to improve and maintain the highest hygiene and safety standards for premises offering tattoos, semi-permanent make-up and body piercings.

The aim is to minimise the risk of infection from cosmetic treatments, while increasing public confidence in local outlets.

Now, Mahin’s Hair and Beauty, in Fernwood Crescent, Wollaton; Soul Art Studios, in Upper Parliament Street; and Wotto’s Ink, in Carrington Street, have achieved the five-star ‘excellent’ rating following a review of their cleanliness and safety practices.

Paul Dales, Operations Manager of the Safer Business Team at Nottingham City Council, said: “This is really encouraging news that these three cosmetic premises have voluntarily put themselves forward for scrutiny, and have been found to have the highest standards of hygiene, cleanliness and safety.

“The reason we embarked on this scheme in partnership with other local authorities in the county was because we wanted to improve public confidence in this area and allow people to make informed decisions on where they went for treatments.  

“It’s also good for the businesses themselves. The scheme is voluntary but the incentive is there for owners to instil the highest standards to encourage people to come to them.

“Potential issues can also be highlighted during the inspections and areas suggested for improvement. It’s something that clearly benefits both business and consumer.”

Businesses can request a visit from a Council Environmental Health officer for a fee of £140 who will inspect hygiene and safety standards and award a rating. This is:

  • 0 – Urgent improvement required
  • 1 – Major improvement required
  • 2 – Improvement required
  • 3 – Satisfactory
  • 4 – Very good
  • 5 – Excellent

Any business interested in signing up to the Hygiene Accreditation Scheme is asked to contact the Council’s Safer Business Team on 0115 876 1494 or email