An event at Wollaton Hall tomorrow, invites people to take part in fun activities; see some brilliant demonstrations and amazing animals as well as image making tools from the extensive collections.

Between 11am and 3.30pm, the Reality and Images event invites people of all ages to explore the idea that what they think they see is not always what is there!

Sue Mallender, Real World Science Officer, Nottingham City Museums and Galleries said: “The University of Nottingham and the Nottinghamshire branch of the British Science Association have teamed up for this new event showcasing research into perception and neuroscience.

There will be exhibits and explanations on topics such as distraction and attention, how knowledge influences perception, how we know where our body is and how perspective is used or distorted.”

The team is also interested in finding out people’s favourite places to stop and think, or be inspired and how they think art influences perception.

Ideas explored will include:

  • How does it help us to have two eyes at the front of our head and help other animals to have their eyes at the sides? or on stalks?
  • How do we see in 3D and how do people make images look real?
  • How do we see in colour?

Why not drop in when you visit the park, museum or hall and see if you are really seeing reality?

Will you be tricked?
For more information please contact Sue Mallender, Real World Science Officer, Nottingham City Museums and Galleries.
Tel: 0115 8762641/07989476802

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