A second taxi rank for Nottingham Station passengers is to be introduced from next Monday.

Nottingham City Council has been in ongoing discussions with East Midlands Trains and the Nottingham Taxi Drivers Association about how best to meet the needs of people looking for a taxi near the station following the pedestrianisation of Station Street.

It was always intended that there would be ranks on both sides of the station and for the many people who leave the station by the central bridge, the final arrangements for a taxi rank for Station Street will be very convenient.

And from Monday June 27, equally convenient access to taxis on the other side of the station for people who don’t or can’t use the central bridge will be available at the drop off/pick up point on Queens Road. It will provide covered access to taxis for passengers who have problems using stairs, either due to mobility problems or with luggage, via the new concourse and lifts.

The City Council will work with East Midlands Trains to look at the signage in the station to ensure that passengers arriving by train are directed to the most appropriate rank.

City Council Portfolio Holder for Business, Growth and Transport, Councillor Nick McDonald, said: “The enhanced look and feel of Station Street, once work is complete next month, will undoubtedly provide a much more fitting gateway into the city from Nottingham Station, linking to further planned improvements between the station and a revamped Broadmarsh Centre. Removing taxis from that part of Station Street is the right thing to do to create that improved environment, and the taxi rank close to the side access to the station will be very convenient for most people who use this exit.

“We’ve been listening to taxi drivers and other groups and speaking to East Midlands Trains about how best to provide easier access to taxis for those who don’t or can’t use the central bridge, which can only be accessed by stairs. Providing access to taxis for travellers with limited mobility is of course a major issue and something we have to get right.

“We have now agreed to put a taxi rank in the drop off/pick up point just outside the station entrance on Queens Road. We hope this will provide an acceptable solution to taxi drivers and their passengers and will monitor the situation.

“I would like to thank the public for their patience. Regeneration of this nature is always disruptive, but that disruption is necessary to improve the south gateways into the city.”

Sarah Turner, General Manager for East Midlands Trains, added: “We’re pleased to have worked with Nottingham City Council on the introduction of the second taxi rank at the station which will be far more easily accessible for customers who aren’t able to use the central bridge.  We’ll also be introducing clearer, simpler signage throughout the station to direct people to the closest and easiest taxi rank for them to use.”