The Leader of Nottingham City Council has condemned Nottinghamshire Police’s decision to scrap its city division as arrogant and ill-advised.

Nottinghamshire Police had proposed the City Division would cease to exist and the most senior officer in the city would be at the rank of Superintendent. City Council Leader Councillor Jon Collins had raised concerns about the proposals and had called for there to be a pause and consultation, especially in light of the announced departure of Chief Constable Chris Eyre. But it has now emerged that the Force has already gone ahead with its plan.

Councillor Collins said: “I am disappointed the police have gone ahead with this ill-advised reorganisation, arrogantly ignoring the views of partners and the public.

“The Police and Crime Commissioner gave assurances that no action would be taken over the future of the city division until a joint report on the matter by the police and City Council had been considered by the Crime and Drugs Partnership, and the action of the soon-to-depart Chief Constable has totally undermined this commitment.

“The City Council will do everything it practically and legally can to challenge this appalling decision. We will also campaign to have the city division reinstated to ensure that policing in the city does not return to the state it was in the early 2000s when crime was almost three times higher than currently.

“Unfortunately, it is difficult to see how we can have confidence in a Chief Constable and senior police team that say one thing to partners and do something completely different.”