Sponsors are being sought to help bring some of the world’s most ferocious dinosaurs to Nottingham, as part of a major exhibition featuring specimens never before seen outside of Asia.

The exhibition, called Dinosaurs of China, will include some of Asia’s biggest dinosaurs, and will also have a particular focus on feathered dinosaurs – bringing to life the story of how dinosaurs evolved into birds.

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Amongst the dozens of dinosaur specimens that will be on display at Wollaton Hall and Nottingham Lakeside Arts in summer 2017, will be the Sinraptor.

One of the largest predatory dinosaurs
Closely related to the Allosaurus, the Sinraptor, which lived during the Jurassic age, stood 3 metres high and over 7 metres long, and is one of the largest predatory dinosaurs ever to be discovered in China.

Other dinosaurs in the exhibition include Gigantoraptor, which at 4 metres high, is the biggest bird-like dinosaur in the world, and at the other end of the scale, the Microraptor, a 77 cm long small flying dinosaur.

The exhibition is a collaboration between Nottingham City Council, The University of Nottingham and the Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology in Beijing. The collection coming to Nottingham is from the Paleozoological Museum of China, Shandong TianYu Museum, and the Dinosaur Museum of Erlianhaote in Inner Mongolia.

Sponsorship opportunities
The organisers are now also seeking the support of companies which may be interested in sponsorship opportunities related to the exhibition.

Speaking about Dinosaurs of China, Dr. George Baxter, Director of Research and Enterprise Services at The University of Nottingham, said: “Bringing these dinosaurs which have never before been seen outside of Asia, to Nottingham, will be a major achievement for the city.

“The City Council and University are committed to the exhibition, but we are also very keen to partner with businesses that would like to be part of such a high-profile event for the city. We believe that the exhibition will not only attract significant numbers of local visitors, but it will also appeal nationally and possibly internationally too. The more support we can get, the bigger and better we can make Dinosaurs of China, attracting even more people to the city to see it.”

A unique opportunity for businesses
Councillor Dave Trimble, Portfolio Holder for Leisure and Culture at Nottingham City Council, added: “This incredible dinosaur exhibition will be exclusive to Nottingham, and we therefore anticipate a high level of interest from visitors across the UK and beyond. This is a unique opportunity for businesses to partner with us and help make this exhibition a roaring success.”

The Dinosaurs of China exhibition opens on 2 July 2017 and will run until the end of October that year.

For more details about sponsorship opportunities, please contact Dr. Sally Zhou, at The University of Nottingham, on sally.zhou@nottingham.ac.uk or tel: +44 (0)78161 74241. Or see the online sponsorship pack.

For general information about the exhibition, or to sign up to the newsletter, visit www.wollatonhall.org.uk/dinosaursofchina