Concerns about the safety of children and families at the Beach in the Old Market Square while an EDL demonstration takes place nearby have led to a decision to close the attraction temporarily on Saturday 6 August.

Councillor Dave Trimble, the City Council’s Portfolio Holder for Leisure and Culture, said the Council has asked twice for the EDL demonstration to be banned so he was disappointed that the Police have now confirmed that it was expected to go ahead, taking the form of a march ending up at Speakers’ Corner near the Brian Clough statue, right next to the Old Market Square where the Beach attraction is located.

Councillor Trimble said: “The Council has previously made clear that we don’t want the EDL demonstration to take place in Nottingham. It will inevitably cause disruption to the public, businesses and traffic and the cost of policing the demonstration will be significant.

“As well as calling for the demonstration to be banned, we’d said that if it went ahead then it should be located near the Castle, as in 2009, well away from the City Centre and the Beach.

“We know that the Police will be taking steps to ensure the march takes place peacefully in order to limit any impact on the public and businesses as much as possible. However, clearly there will always be some risk of public disorder occurring.

“Public safety has to be our top priority, particularly where children and families are concerned. Therefore, in consultation with the Mellors Group and the sponsors Deliveroo, we have decided that, as a precaution, the Beach will not open as normal on Saturday and will only re-open on the day once we feel it’s safe to do so.”

“Nottingham is a welcoming city where people get along. We don’t welcome groups with extreme views who seek to divide communities and who bring with them the risk of disorder when local people and visitors just want to get on with enjoying their weekend and the many great things that Nottingham has to offer.“