The Lord Mayor of Nottingham is raising awareness of domestic abuse in faith communities in the city.

Councillor Jackie Morris will hold a special event at the Council House on Wednesday 23 March, where people can speak to specialist support services and watch a unique play called ‘Someone Prayed’.

This interactive drama will explore issues around faith and domestic abuse. It was set up to engage with faith communities and has been running in various community locations in Nottingham for the past four years. The play is a drama performance that aims to challenge and stimulate open discussion on domestic abuse issues within faith communities.

Domestic violence and abuse affects individuals at all levels and in all groups of society, including faith communities. Abuse can include spiritual abuse, child sexual abuse, female genital mutilation, forced marriage and honour-based violence.

The Lord Mayor, Councillor Jackie Morris, said: “In all faiths right now domestic abuse is being committed unseen and unreported and things need to change. People need to challenge abusive patterns of behaviour, whether physical, sexual, psychological or spiritual, that have become too common within our faiths and wider society.

“Domestic abuse affects men and women of all faiths and backgrounds, and its impact can be felt across the generations. All people of faith have an active role to play in changing society for the better.”

At the event there will also be a market place of stalls from specialist support services offering advice and guidance.