A prolific city beggar has received a two-year Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO), which prohibits him from begging in Nottingham city centre.

Martyn Marshall, aged 34, of Osman Close, The Meadows, was sentenced on 16 May in his absence and was found guilty of further begging incidents committed during February 2016 and was issued with a fine that included court costs totalling £654. The Magistrate also issued Marshall with a two-year CBO. If Marshall breaches this Court Order he risks a custodial sentence.

Marshall has been begging since 2015 and has regularly been seen approaching members of the public standing in bus shelters or sitting dining at outside bars and cafes and asking them for their cash. During this time and early in 2016 Marshall had received a total six convictions by the Magistrates Court for begging in Nottingham. The Criminal Behaviour Order now prohibits him from begging or placing himself in a position to beg in any public place in Nottingham city centre

City Council Leader, Councillor Jon Collins, said: “This is a good result for the Community Protection team, who applied to the Court for the CBO to protect members of the public from Marshall’s harassing behaviour.

“Visitors to the city centre should be free to walk the streets and sit and enjoy their leisure time without being approached and harassed by individuals asking for cash.”

Any breach of a CBO offers the courts further options other than placing a monetary fine on those convicted for begging. It is hoped the threat of a custodial sentence will deter Marshall from further begging activity.

As well as carrying out enforcement, Community Protection Officers also refer individuals found begging in the city to the appropriate support agencies in order to tackle and help address the causes that lead them to beg on the streets. Attempts at such measures are ongoing with Marshall.