A house that made the lives of neighbours a misery through repeated anti-social behaviour and drug activity has been boarded up.

The property, in Hovenden Gardens, Hyson Green, has been at the centre of repeated complaints of nuisance behaviour and wider criminality for several years, including drug use and dealing, large numbers of visitors coming in and out, excessive noise and fighting – even people defecating outside.  

Nottingham City Council’s anti-social behaviour team linked up with Nottinghamshire Police at the beginning of June to seek a closure order. Officers from both organisations took witness statements and gathered evidence.

A three-month closure order was successfully secured at Nottingham Magistrates’ Court on Monday (24 July) – with the house being evacuated and boarded up the following day (25 July).

The order means that it is now a criminal offence for anyone go inside the property under any circumstances for the next three months. Anyone who breaches the order – including the previous occupants – risks facing a prison sentence of up to six months, as well as having to pay a fine.

Councillor Sajid Mohammed, Portfolio Holder for Neighbourhoods, Safety and Inclusion at Nottingham City Council, said: “This was a great example of swift, effective partnership working which has been acknowledged by neighbours of the property, who have already been in touch to thank police and council officers for their work.

“All residents have a duty to behave in a way which is respectful and considerate to those who live around them, and people should be in no doubt that we will act decisively against anyone who violates that.

“This was a slightly unusual case in that the occupants of the property were the owners rather than tenants. They have now been evicted for three months which is a significant development. We will keep the situation under close review.”

Inspector Liz Gaskin, who leads Nottinghamshire Police’s city central neighbourhood policing team, said: “For some time now, we’ve received different reports of criminal activity and anti-social behaviour in and around this property that have made the lives of other residents in the area a complete misery.

“This is completely unacceptable, which is precisely why we’ve supported our partners at the City Council to gather the evidence needed to secure a closure order on the building to hopefully break the cycle of offending at the house.

“Nobody wants to see drug activity operating in their area or to have to live with anti-social behaviour taking place where they live.

“This type of offending is a blight on communities and has a very real impact on people’s quality of life, which is why it’s so important that we take action to stop this from happening.

“We take all reports of anti-social behaviour extremely seriously and will continue to work closely with our partners and the public to crackdown on those who behave in this manner and make our communities a better place to live.”