Nottingham City Council is seeking Government support for measures to improve safety in high rise blocks following the Grenfell Tower fire.

The council’s lead councillor for planning and housing, Cllr Jane Urquhart, has written to Prime Minister Theresa May to outline the council’s commitment to learning any lessons from the tragedy – and to ask for Government support and funding to carry out any action deemed necessary.

The council owns 13 high rise blocks which are managed on its behalf by Nottingham City Homes. Both organisations have committed to installing sprinkler systems in communal areas, asking residents if they want sprinklers in their flats and improving intercom systems. Residents have been reassured that none of the blocks are clad in the same material as used on the Grenfell Tower.

Councillor Urquhart has also urged the Prime Minister to consider giving councils extra powers to intervene so safety standards can be upheld, as well as raising the issue of privately owned and run high rise blocks and the need for changes in the law and guidelines to ensure the safety of private residents.

Portfolio Holder for Planning, Housing and Heritage, Cllr Jane Urquhart, said: “I have written to Theresa May to explain that as part of an immediate review of our 13 high rise blocks, we will be installing sprinklers and improved intercom systems, and seeking financial support from the Government for this.

“We are clear that safety measures in our tower blocks are robust and that the cladding is not the same type as used at Grenfell Tower, but given the tragic fire there last week it is right to take extra precautionary measures which add to the safety and the feeling of safety for residents.

“We are ready to respond to any immediate lessons from the Grenfell fire and in the longer term we have asked for the Government to provide councils with extra powers to improve safety in all high rise blocks including privately owned.”

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