A number of roads which make up a key route in central Nottingham will see double red lines being enforced to ease traffic flow in the lead up to the Broadmarsh regeneration project.

Nottingham City Council has introduced double red lines on the roads of the alternative route around the south side of the city for motorists to keep potential disruption to a minimal. The Southern Relief Route is an alternative route for motorists while the area around the Broadmarsh is regenerated. Locations where double red lines are found include:

  • Canal Street
  • London Road
  • Queen’s Road
  • Sheriffs Way
  • Waterway Street West
  • Wilford Road
  • Wilford Street.

Where double red lines are found, motorists are not allowed to stop, wait or drop off for any reason and will be sent a Penalty Charge Notice if they do so. Residents with a Blue Disability Badge will still be able to be picked up and dropped off but cannot wait or park on a double red line.

Taxis will also be able to pick up and drop off customers but will not be allowed to park and wait for further custom; pick up and drop off of taxis must be immediate.

Councils in London and elsewhere have successfully introduced Red Routes on major arterial routes to ensure continuous flow of traffic for all vehicles. Nottingham City Council will be welcoming comments from local people and road users during the first six months of operation.

The council recognises that this is a new concept to Nottingham and is giving motorists a grace period to become familiar with the new rules. Enforcement of the new red lines has started and all motorists caught stopping on them will face a fine. However, for a short period, 100% of the fine will be waived and motorists will instead receive a reminder about the rules and that they should not be stopping at all. From Monday 5 June the waiver will stop and full enforcement of the fine will begin.

Cllr Nick McDonald, Portfolio Holder for Business, Growth and Transport, said: “We believe the introduction of these new double red lines will help to keep Nottingham moving along the Southern Relief Route. Red Routes have been very successful elsewhere and will ensure these roads remain clear so that traffic can continue to flow smoothly through the city during the exciting redevelopment of the Broadmarsh.

“We have also created loading bays along the route for businesses we feel may need them. We have considered all types of motorists so disruption is minimised.”