Bluecoat Academy pupils from the Wollaton Park estate campus are doing their bit to take part in the City Council’s ‘Keep it Clean’ campaign.

Students will be joined by members of the Wollaton Park Residents Association which covers the Park estate, and local Neighbourhood Development Officer, Pauline Dorey, to do some litter picking on Sutton Passeys Crescent in Wollaton on Thursday 25 May.

Portfolio Holder for Neighbourhood Services Cllr Sally Longford, who will also be attending the litter pick, said: “It is a great opportunity to support the enthusiasm and passion of pupils from Bluecoat Academy getting involved in local initiatives such as this.

“Littering and fly-tips are a dangerous and unsightly blight on our streets, parks and neighbourhoods, so it is nice to see the students doing their bit to make their neighbourhood cleaner.”

Nicola Freeman, Christian Youth Worker at the Wollaton Park Campus said: “The students aged 12-15 are a part of the Bluecoat Academy’s community leadership group and, are passionate about looking after their community both inside the school and in the wider community.

“This is a great opportunity for students to work alongside their local community and learn the importance of keeping this area clean and they hope to encourage other students to do the same.”

Rebekah Keys (Year 9) from the Academy said “We want to show people we care and respect the community our school is a part of. We want to inspire our peers to show respect by picking up litter and encourage them to do the same.”

You can help too. If you are a Nottingham City resident and you fancy making your neighbourhood cleaner, you can sign up to be a Clean Champion here: Sign up for Nottingham Clean Champions, with support available from the council.

Nottingham City Council is committed to keeping streets clean and free of litter through constant street cleaning work, and by cracking down on fly-tipping and littering offences.

Meeting: 11:20 am Bluecoat Academy gates before moving onto  Sutton Passeys Crescent, Wollaton Park estate.  Any media enquiries: 0115 8763920