A fresh call has gone out for adults in Nottingham to get vaccinated – to help the city’s continued unlocking of Covid-19 restrictions.

Adults over the age of 32 are now eligible and the Council is urging everyone to come forward when their turn arrives. Those aged between 40 and 49 no longer need an appointment – they can simply turn up at a vaccination centre to receive their jab.

Promising data was released by Public Health England over the weekend which confirms that vaccines being used across the country are effective against the virus, including current variants of concern.

The more people who take up the offer of a vaccine, the greater the protection afforded to all local communities as Nottingham keeps a close eye on the Government’s proposed date of Monday 21 June when, potentially, all remaining social restrictions might be lifted.

Councillor David Mellen, Leader of Nottingham City Council, added: “We desperately want to see our city continue to unlock from the Covid restrictions we’ve all lived with for more than a year now.

“The best way we can achieve this is to make sure we’re vaccinated against the virus. Anyone aged over 32 can now book their vaccination through the NHS website.

“We understand that there may be valid reasons for people to be a little unsure or hesitant about having the jab, but anyone who declined to be vaccinated before hasn’t missed their opportunity. There is still chance to book an appointment at one of the many sites around the city. The NHS currently has a good stock of the vaccine – plenty for everyone in our city who is eligible.

“The strongest tool at our disposal right now is the vaccine and I urge everyone eligible to take up that offer as soon as your turn comes around.

“Let’s all work together to keep each other safe and protected so that we can move forward out of this pandemic.”

The call comes after the Council carried out targeted testing at Henry Whipple Primary School, in Bestwood, last week, while testing started yesterday (Monday) at Ellis Guilford School, in Basford, and it begins today at nearby Whitemoor Academy.

This is a precautionary measure given linked cases of the B.1.617.2 variant first discovered in India. Mobile units will be on site at both Ellis Guilford and Whitemoor, while home-testing kits will also be made available for other family members.

David Johns, Interim Director of Public Health in Nottingham, said: “We’re working with Ellis Guilford School and Whitemoor Academy to carry out testing this week after we were notified by Public Health England (PHE) about a coronavirus variant of concern connected with these sites.

“It will involve staff, pupils and their families, and is part of wider testing which has already included another city primary school last week. I again thank parents for engaging so positively in this process with us.

“All those aged 32 and over are now eligible for a vaccination and that will include many, although not all, of our school children’s parents.

“Over the weekend, PHE released data showing the Covid vaccines are still effective against the variant of concern that now likely makes up most of Nottingham City’s cases. There is no evidence that this variant poses any greater risk to health, but it’s a timely reminder to take up the offer of a jab, be it your first or second, when your turn comes.

“While testing provides us with intelligence on the spread of coronavirus and helps us identify cases early, vaccination is a key tool to ensure that we protect the NHS and reduce the risk of need for further restrictions which, in the medium to long term, helps lower the chances of Covid entering our schools.

“The vaccine provides a strong level of protection against the effects of Covid and it’s so important that as many people as possible are vaccinated. It protects you, your family, friends, neighbours and colleagues and is the very best thing you can do right now.

“Our continued targeted testing is part of the Government’s response to Coronavirus variants of concern. The aim is to quickly find any additional cases so people can self-isolate, and therefore reduce further spread.

“I would ask parents of pupils at Ellis Guilford and Whitemoor to work with the Council and the school to support our testing programme. Please continue to follow the guidance on ‘Hands, Face, Space’, have regular testing for Covid-19 and, of course, book a vaccination when it is your turn to do so.”

Anyone who wants to book a Covid vaccine when it is their turn can do this through the NHS website.