Nottingham City Council is giving out £15 vouchers to support families over the 31 May – 4 June half-term holiday in Nottingham.

More than £230,000 will be spent on food for families where children receive free school meals. The funding is coming from the Government’s Covid Local Support Grant Scheme.

The half-term voucher will be given to parents by schools, who will give out digital vouchers for supermarkets.

Vouchers will also be available for qualifying younger children in pre-school settings and older children in Further Education settings as well as primary and secondary school children.

Cllr David Mellen, Leader of Nottingham City Council, said: “We are proud to once again put measures in place to help feed hungry children this half-term. We will ensure practical help is provided directly to households most in need of our support. Our message is clear, if families need support, they can call Nottingham City Council and we will make sure they get the help they need.”

Portfolio Holder for Children and Young People, Councillor Cheryl Barnard said: “We remain committed to making sure no child goes hungry in Nottingham this half term. We hope these vouchers will ease the strain on our most vulnerable families and help people through these difficult times.”

How to claim your voucher

Schools will shortly receive instructions about how to issue vouchers. If your child usually receives Free School Meals your school will be able to issue you with a £15 voucher for each week of the holiday. The vouchers will be given to you before your school breaks up for half-term.

Registered pre-school, childcare settings and a Further Education settings will shortly receive instructions about voucher eligibility and how to issue vouchers. These settings will then be able to issue you with a £15 voucher for each week of the holiday. The vouchers will be issued to you before your setting closes for half-term.