People are being asked for their views on making Nottingham better for autistic people at two engagement events.

The ‘Listening and Sharing’ workshops have been arranged by the Nottingham Autism Co-Production Group and the aim is to hear from autistic people, their parents and carers about what is working well in the city and what could be improved around:

  • Transport
  • Health and feeling good
  • Leisure and having fun
  • Future work and training opportunities

The Co-Production Group oversees the implementation plan attached to the One Size Fits One autism strategy, which was launched in 2014. The four areas above have been identified as being the key things that affect the lives of those with autism.

One Size Fits One understands that autism affects people in very different ways and emphasises the message that everyone’s needs are unique. It represents a shared vision for Nottingham and helps guide a number of partners from the public, private, voluntary and community sectors.

The plans were put together after speaking to autistic people across the city, their carers and parents, community organisations like Autistic Nottingham East Midlands, plus health professionals. There are around 2,600 autistic adults in the city.

Nottingham City Council and NHS Nottingham City Clinical Commissioning Group have been responsible for the programme, while it has been developed by the Co-production Group.

One Size Fits One believes that autistic people in Nottingham have the right to live safe, healthy and happy lives. It has six key aims:

  • Understand the needs of autistic people;
  • Challenge stigma and improve understanding of autism;
  • Improve support from childhood to adulthood;
  • Improve process of diagnosis and assessment;
  • Increase opportunities in education and employment;
  • Allow everyone to lead a rewarding life in the community.

The engagement events are on Wednesday 28 September at the Council House between 3.30pm and 5.30pm, and on Tuesday 11 October at the Dice Café, Mansfield Road, Nottingham, from 7pm until 8.30pm.