A 28-day challenge is being launched this weekend to show families in Nottingham how fun and easy it can be to go carbon-neutral.

#28For28 aims to raise awareness of climate issues and what small things can be done which add up to make a big difference.

The campaign is part of Nottingham City Council’s pledge to become the first UK city to be carbon-neutral by 2028. This can only be achieved by everyone – residents, businesses and the authority – pulling together.

From Saturday (1 August), a different organisation in Nottingham will set a daily challenge by giving a short demonstration, hosting a workshop or simply providing a few tips.

These will include:

  • Scavenger hunts
  • Cycling
  • Seed-planting
  • Drawing
  • Cooking
  • Song-writing

All activities are family-friendly and easy to do at home or in local neighbourhoods. Some will have a competitive element, perhaps even with an environmentally-friendly prize.

At the start of each day a video will be released, all made by a different partner organisation, providing information about the challenge and how to take part.

The #28For28 activities are designed to be varied, so families can pick and choose those which fit in with their interests and schedule.

Councillor Sally Longford, Deputy Leader of Nottingham City Council and Portfolio Holder for Energy and the Environment, pictured above, said: “The 28-Day Challenge is there to help us work together to reduce Nottingham’s carbon footprint by taking small, manageable steps. 

“In a difficult time for many, this campaign is designed to create safe opportunities to make positive changes with many benefits, fitting into the city’s strong green recovery. We hope people will find the challenges fun and enlightening.

“We were proud to make our pledge last year to become the UK’s first city to be carbon-neutral by 2028. We’re in a global climate emergency and we have to be bold – but we can’t do this alone. We need everyone in Nottingham to get on board so we can all do this together.

“The council has taken an approach that positively addresses wider environmental challenges, benefits the city and residents through improved quality of life while ensuring nobody is excluded from the progress it will bring.

“It’s vital that we put sustainable carbon neutrality at the core of the city and its renewal over the next 12 months and beyond. During the Covid crisis we have all noticed clearer skies and cleaner air and perhaps appreciated wildlife more and maybe returned to slightly simpler ways of life.

“People have had to get used to using their cars less, walking and cycling more, perhaps thinking more carefully about what they are buying to reduce waste.

“We need to build on that, putting climate action at the heart of a wider sustainability vision that delivers for people and the planet, so we can provide the foundation for economic recovery, building a new form of clean growth through a green industrial revolution, and maximising the opportunities for local jobs.”

To get involved in the challenges, people can follow @CN2028 on Twitter and have a look at our new website www.nottinghamcity.gov.uk/CN2028. They can then post about what they’re doing with the hashtags #28for28, #28DayChallenge and #CarbonNeutral2028.