We are two weeks into a new year and lots of you are wanting to make 2023 the year you improve your health and well-being. But this doesn’t mean you need bold and grand New Year’s resolutions; you can take smaller first steps to get healthier.

A great starting point is having a nourishing and balanced diet. Making sure your meals and snacks are well-balanced with the right nutrients can help to keep bones and teeth strong, reduce your risk of illnesses and diseases and balance your calories consumed versus calories burned.  

You can find out about great foods you can swap every day to help transform your eating. The NHS Eat Well guides can help you to make meals healthier and NHS Healthier Families gives you tips to help families eat better and move more. 

Improving your fitness also has massive benefits to your health, mobility and mental health, it reduces stress and improves sleep. In Nottingham, there are lots of options to help you stay active this year. 

Just going from doing nothing to moving a little more each day can make a really big difference.

Even just a brisk 10-minute walk every day is a great way to improve your general health and well-being. Plus, taking a walk in our local parks and open spaces is a free way to start your health and fitness journey.   

Our award-winning Green Flag Parks have played a vital role for people over the last few years. Across the city, we have created a selection of walks in ten of Nottingham city’s parks and open spaces, self-guided walks that can be completed at your own pace.  

If you work in the city having a walk during lunchtime is a great way to feel refreshed, view this handy step guide to give you a rough idea of distances between key city centre locations. Perhaps you would like to explore the Nottingham Adventure Trail that can be enjoyed by all ages.  
Outdoor gyms are available across the city within some of our parks and open spaces. These fitness areas are free to use and suitable for all ages and abilities.  

Why not get on your bike this year with RideWise, where adults living in Nottingham City can get free lessons – click here to book. There are various cycle lanes across the city making cycling to your destination a healthier option and better for the environment.  

Active Nottingham has a range of activities, fitness classes, gyms and leisure centres.  Regular swimming can help to build muscle and improve cardio fitness, this activity is available as a membership or pay as you go.  

Planning fitness into your week is at your fingertips, start by downloading the free Active Nottingham App.  

Getting fit and healthy this year can be cheap and enjoyable whether a fitness class where you can make new friends or a relaxing walk in a park or open space. We hope you find what works for you on your health and fitness journey.