Latest figures show that rates of teenage pregnancy in Nottingham have more than halved in the past decade.

Back in 2006, the conception rate for under-18s stood at 73.5 per thousand, but today that number has dropped to 30.9.

The fall has been attributed to a number of factors including partnership working, better education and a drive to target areas of the city which have traditionally seen higher rates of teenage pregnancy.

Councillor Alex Norris, Portfolio Holder for Adults and Health at Nottingham City Council, said: “Rates of teenage pregnancy in Nottingham have more than halved in the past decade and we’re pleased to see that latest figures show it has fallen further. There is still work to do, but we are getting ever closer to the national average and have made huge strides in recent years.

“The key to much of this is working in collaboration with other local providers. Together with Nottingham CityCare Partnership and Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust, we focus on providing good-quality education on sex and relationships – particularly targeting those areas of the city that we know have traditionally seen more teenage conceptions.

“The City Council launched a Sex and Relationships Charter earlier this year and many schools have signed up with a pledge to monitor and improve lesson content – with age-appropriate advice and information in both primary and secondaries. Furthermore, family and community teams have specially-trained staff who can deliver sexual health, contraception and positive relationship advice to teenagers and young adults.

“There is also support in place for those girls who fall pregnant. This includes a Teenage Pregnancy Midwifery service for all pregnant under-18s, and for under-19s with additional needs. A specialist education support officer is available to ensure pregnant girls can still achieve their potential at school and help prevent social exclusion, while a Teenage Pregnancy Network is in place and regular newsletters are sent out.”

The percentage improvement between 2006 and 2016 is 57.9%, with the average for all local authorities currently at 47.9%. Nottingham City is in the top 20% of most improved authorities for the period.