Seven-year-old Summer Catachanas, a Fernwood Primary School pupil, has been selected to represent the UK in Monaco at the Yamaha European Junior Original Concert.

During the concert, 12 young composers from all over Europe (France, Germany, England, Italy, Spain, Sweden) aged seven to 16 will perform their music on stage.

The Yamaha Junior Original Concert (JOC) program offers Yamaha Music School students aged 15 or younger the opportunity to perform their own compositions in concerts around the world.

Summer’s passion is piano and after composing her own music ‘Tweetin’ Robin’ at the age of six, her composition was chosen from 600 entries and now she is off to Monaco to perform for audiences there.

The event recognises outstanding young musicians from the world of classical, jazz and contemporary music. Young people are given the opportunity to present their own compositions in a professional setting.

Linda Abbs-Jackson, Summer’s music teacher and owner of Nottingham Yamaha Music School, said: “Summer is a pleasure to teach, she works hard on her piano technique and is always keen to add ideas to the ‘composing pot’.

“EJOC is a fantastic experience for Summer and a wonderful venue to showcase ‘Tweetin’ Robin’ to Europe. Good luck with Monaco, look forward to working with you on your next composition.”

After finding out she had been selected, Summer said: “I am so happy that my composition has been chosen and really excited to be going to Monaco to play it.”

Summer’s parents, Emmanuel and Thanh, said: “Summer is such a superstar and has worked very hard to get the recognition she deserves. We couldn’t be prouder.”

The Junior Original Concert started in Japan in 1972 and every year helps create over 35,000 original compositions created by the Yamaha Music School students. These are performed in many concerts by the students across the world, often in collaboration with the most prestigious music institutions.

Following the success in Japan, the European Junior Original Concert was introduced in 2008 and gives students from Yamaha Music Schools in Europe the opportunity to present their own compositions to European audiences.

Mandy Austin, the Executive Head of Fernwood Primary & Nursery School, said: “We are incredibly proud of Summer, her passion and dedication to music is inspirational.

“She has so much talent and it’s great that she has been recognised in this way, she has a bright musical future ahead of her.”

After the concerts at Milan in 2008, Paris 2009, Vienna in 2010, Hamburg in 2011, Madrid in 2012, Venice in 2013, London in 2014 and Athens in 2015, this year the concert will be held in Monaco in February.