A new book called ‘The Election’ is helping children at Nottingham primary schools learn all about voting.

Nottingham City Council has provided more than 2,500 copies of the book to 40 primary schools for children to use in the classroom and at home.

And with the Local and General Elections on 7 May now less than two months away, the Council is hoping parents and carers reading it at home with their children will be encouraged to register to vote ahead of the 20 April deadline.

Eleanor Levenson, the author of ‘The Election’, visited Seely Primary and Nursery School in Sherwood, Nottingham to meet children, parents and teachers and see how her book is being used in class and at home.

The book explains, through a fun story with engaging illustrations, what an election is and how voting works. Alex’s family backs the party whose posters have stripes on them. Evie’s family backs the party whose posters have spots on them. But which party will win? Either way, the two will remain friends. This is the first UK book of its kind and has backing from elected representatives of all major political parties.

Ian Curryer, the City Council’s Chief Executive and Returning Officer for the elections, said: “As 7 May nears, children will be seeing more and more about the election in the media and wondering what it’s all about. The book is a great way to explain elections and voting to children in an easy-to-understand way.

“Schools are passing the book between classes and year groups so as many children as possible can benefit.

“We’ve put a message in the front of the book for parents and carers reading it at home with their children reminding them that they need to register to vote and how they can do it.”

Anona Morley, Deputy Head at Seely Primary and Nursery School, said: “As a school we want to help our children develop an understanding of the election process and democracy within British Society.

“We’ve been using the book in class and encouraging pupils to develop a deeper understanding of the process when voting for their own school council candidates so it will be great for the children and teachers to meet the author Eleanor Levenson.

Talking about the book and her visit to Seely Primary, Eleanor said: “It’s always great to see children reading and discussing your books.  The Election looks at a serious subject but in a way that is very accessible for children, and with really fun illustrations by Marek Jagucki. If it means whole families can then talk together about what is happening in society and what they see on tv and in the newspapers then I’m thrilled.”

“It’s absolutely brilliant Nottingham City Council has provided so many copies for the children in their schools. It shows a real commitment to democracy not just now but in the future too.”

To register to vote, visit www.gov.uk/registertovote – you need to register by 20 April to vote on 7 May.

If you’re a Nottingham City resident and you’re not sure if you’re registered, phone 0115 876 4111 or email elections@nottinghamcity.gov.uk