Building new homes, tackling fuel poverty and providing job and training opportunities for young people are among the top priorities outlined in a major new document published by Nottingham City Council.

The latest Council Plan, approved by councillors on 9 November, sets out the Council’s ambitions for the city over the next four years up to 2019.

The Plan includes five key objectives:

  • Ensure that every child in Nottingham is taught in a school that is judged good or outstanding by Ofsted
  • Build 2,500 new homes that Nottingham people can afford to rent or buy
  • Cut the number of victims of crime by a fifth and continue to reduce anti-social behaviour
  • Tackle fuel poverty by setting up a not for profit energy company, to sell energy at the lowest possible price to Nottingham people
  • Guarantee a job, training place or further education plan for every 18-24 year old

In the Introduction to the document, City Council Leader Councillor Jon Collins and Chief Executive Ian Curryer write: “In this Plan we set out the purpose and priorities for 2015-2019 with the aim of making us a Great City with citizens at the heart of everything we do. Our plan is about the future of our city for all who live, work and visit here.

“Over the next four years, we are determined to create a city that is fair for everyone and where we all have an equal and positive chance to succeed. We will build on our achievements and continue to provide services that are based on and responsive to your needs.

“Our aim is for Nottingham to be an internationally successful and prosperous city that offers its residents the means and opportunities to realise their potential. Nottingham will be a thriving sustainable city both economically and socially. We will continue to work with our partners and communities to ensure vulnerable citizens are supported to live independently and are safe from harm.

“We will do this despite the significant financial challenges the Council continues to face. It is no secret that we face further cuts to our budget, but we have been successful at managing our finances in the past and we will continue to do so. The scale of our ambition is unchanged.

“We will have difficult decisions to make over the next four years but we will continue to have the best interests of Nottingham’s citizens at heart and continue to invest in Nottingham’s future. “

The Council Plan can be viewed online at

Copies will also be made available at various City Council service locations around the city.