Nottingham City Council is contacting any local businesses charging excessive prices for essential items to urge them to stop the practice.

A number of cases have been reported to the council of shops charging significantly more than usual for items such as toilet roll, hand sanitizer and disinfectant. Most shops were told to stop trading by the Government on Monday (22nd March), but if some still legitimately trade and continue to over-charge for items, the council will be getting in touch.

Portfolio Holder for Communities, Cllr Rebecca Langton, said: “At a time of national emergency it is vital that people, businesses and public bodies work collectively to ensure the safety and security of everyone in our communities.

“The vast majority of people have been helpful and amazing so it’s disappointing to hear some reports of a small minority taking advantage and charging people inflated amounts for items that are essential to their health and wellbeing during the ongoing pandemic. Many important items are only available in limited quantities and therefore it is vital that those who need them are able to buy them at reasonable cost.

“I would urge any local shops that remain open following the Government’s lockdown to think of the wider community when setting prices for essential items. If shopkeepers don’t respond positively to our requests, we will take all possible action permitted under the available regulatory powers.”