Nottingham City Council is supporting a national campaign designed to help people stop smoking in 2016.

The Health Harms initiative seeks to highlight to smokers the physical damage caused by their habit, and provide support and guidance on ways to quit.

The Public Health England campaign will aim to capitalise on people’s seasonal motivation to make healthy changes to their lives, pointing out the harm caused by every single cigarette.

Smokers will have experts on hand to talk to, as well as a ‘quit kit’, dedicated app and support available on text and email.

The health benefits of packing in smoking are stark, both for the smoker and their wider family exposed to second-hand smoke. Indeed, a man who quits by the time he is 30 will add around a decade to his life.

People who quit will feel fitter, healthier, more energetic and save a significant amount of money. A 20-a-day smoker would pocket more than £3,000 over the course of a year.

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A powerful video featuring interviews with people suffering from chronic lung disease can be watched here…