Have you ever thought you’d like to do something to improve the life of a child or young adult in Nottingham but not been sure how to find out more or get involved?

Nottingham City Council is gearing up to make helping people easier with simple suggestions for Looking After Each Other which launch later in the autumn.

Over the next few weeks the council will be focusing on the life changing decisions people can also make like finding out more about Fostering and Adoption.

The council has seen a reduction in the numbers of people who are coming forward to foster or adopt older children in the city council’s care. There are also fewer carers available who are able to give temporary or permanent homes to children with additional needs, children with dual ethnic heritage and children in sibling groups.

Councillor David Mellen Portfolio Holder for Early Intervention and Early Years said: “We are very proud of our diverse and dedicated foster carers and adoptive parents who look after our most vulnerable children of all ages but we really want to send out the message that carers for this very specific group of children are still in very short supply”

 “It can take time to find suitable new homes for children whose best chances are through short term fostering or permanent adoption and it’s important that we get people thinking about their options quite early on.

“There are lots of ways that people can help children in our city so we’re encouraging them to visit our website or give us a ring to find out more.”

The council hopes that by sharing the voices of actual families on social media and explaining the benefits and challenges of looking after older children or mixed sibling groups, they will have more enquiries from people who are realistic about the challenges but are prepared to make space in their lives for a larger family.

Whatever your age, background or heritage, if you’re interested in short term fostering or adopting an older child or a sibling group with Nottingham City Council, we’re ready to speak to you.

Call us on 0115 876 3335 or visit www.nottinghamcity.gov.uk/love