A host of events – including the creation of a celebratory ale – will be launched next week to mark 50 years of friendship with Nottingham’s twin city of Karlsruhe.

The union between the two cities began on 26 July, 1969, and the twinning has led to many joint cultural activities and successful exchanges involving schools, colleges and universities.

A popular Nottingham-Karlsruhe friendship club, involving local people from both cities, has supported much of this work. A staff exchange has involved hundreds of council employees from the two cities staying in each other’s homes.

In 2014 the Karlsruhe Friendship Bridge was opened over Nottingham train station to connect it with the city’s new extended tram lines. Nottingham had previously sought advice from Karlsruhe when the idea of bringing a tram network was first explored close to 20 years ago.

The 50th anniversary of the Anglo-German civic bond is being launched with a special invitation-only event at the Old Cold Store, Castle Rock Brewery, on Monday (29 April). Further events will then include:

  • Ongoing until June – Photographic project running between Nottingham College & Carl Hofer Schule
  • 23 May – Nottingham Trent University student presentation on the European Creative/Smart Cities delegation – Council House
  • 26-30 June –Staff Exchange (Nottingham colleagues visiting Karlsruhe)
  • 13 July – Flash Mobs around the city: Robin Hood Youth Orchestra
  • 23-26 July –Civic event (Nottingham civics visiting Karlsruhe)
  • 22-29 July – Friendship groups celebrating their 40th anniversary in Karlsruhe
  • 24 July – Robin Hood Youth Orchestra performing in Karlsruhe
  • 5-30 August – NTU Summer Internship to Karlsruhe (two students)
  • 3-6 October – Civic Event (Karlsruhe civics visiting Nottingham)
  • 3-19 October – GEDOK women’s art exhibition held at Nottingham Trent University
  • 4 October – KIT Concert Choir performance at St Mary’s Church: Carlton Male Voice Choir
  • October – ‘Verbindungen-Connections’ exhibition (collaborations between Nottingham & Karlsruhe artists) at Nottingham Focus Gallery
  • October – A commissioned poem by a Nottingham poet (to be performed at October’s Civic Event): City of Literature
  • October – Photographic Project Nottingham College and Carl Hofer Schule exhibition of printed images in October. A digital gallery/exhibition held at the Urban Rooms
  • New Friendship – Fernwood School in Wollaton now linked with Max-Planck-Gymnasium Karlsruhe
  • New Brewery Partnership – Brewing plans with Castle Rock and Brauhaus 2.0 to create official twinship beer

Ian Curryer, Chief Executive at Nottingham City Council said: “Links between Nottingham and Karlsruhe have been hugely successful and reaching our half-century anniversary is a real milestone.

“Our twinning relationship started in 1969 and since then hundreds of local people have benefitted from the regular exchanges that have been held between the two cities.

“We have forged friendships and developed economic projects together, and we look forward to continuing this into the future.

“There are some exciting events planned for the rest of the year to mark the anniversary, including a delegation from Karlsruhe being welcomed to Nottingham in July and a specially-brewed ‘twinship beer’!”