Bulwell residents, visitors and businesses will have noticed that in previous years, the area has been at the centre of some major changes which are helping to ensure it remains at the vibrant heart of Nottingham North.

Bulwell has long been able to boast about its fast and reliable tram service linking it to Nottingham and recent extensions to the tram network have given residents better access to the Queen’s Medical Centre, the universities, Clifton and Beeston.

Visitors too, many of whom will have used the city’s regular and reliable tram service to get there, will have noticed the significant level if investment in Bulwell as Nottingham City Council continue their ambitious plans to make it a thriving asset for the local community.

With all this activity in the area, businesses too have made the move to Bulwell, delivering new jobs in the area. The most recent of which are HomeServe who have moved into new offices on the Blenheim Industrial Estate in a move which will enable them to retain their existing workforce and expand their business into local offices in the heart of Nottingham North.

HomeServe’s move is the culmination of many months of collaboration between HomeServe, Nottingham City Council and Invest in Nottingham.

Councillor Sam Webster, Portfolio Holder for Business, Education and Skills at Nottingham City Council, said; “Developments in Bulwell have really gathered pace recently and the area continues to offer a strong sense of community as well as the type of modern transport and services which residents rightly demand.

“Business occupancy in Bulwell remains very high and I’m very encouraged to see businesses thriving and providing local people with employment opportunities. With its regular transport link to Nottingham city centre and other communities in North Nottingham, I would also encourage more businesses to consider Bulwell as a location for their expansion. It’s positive news that the Homeserve expansion in Bulwell brings new jobs to the area.”

Bulwell’s main shopping area has also seen some activity in recent months as improvements to paving, street furniture and seating have opened up the area and made it a more enjoyable place to socialise and shop. The market area too has been improved to make it appeal to new and diverse market traders and give local people more choice when out shopping in the town centre.

Main Street is also at the centre of the Bulwell Conservation area which seeks to ensure that Bulwell is able to retain its character and heritage as a small market town with its own identity, character and architectural history whilst making the most of the heritage which Bulwell already has to offer.

Moving away from the town centre, the Bulwell Riverside Centre provides local individuals, families and community groups with a wide range of services including a library, access to the internet, café, computers and job clubs as well as local NHS services, all within easy reach of the town centre and tram and bus services.