A resident at a Nottingham City Council run care home has left behind a generous donation to help future residents.

Betty Swift (94) recently passed away whilst living at the Oaks Residential Care home in St Anns, and she has kindly left £2,400 of her savings to the centre, so it can keep delivering excellent service.

Betty first moved to the centre after falling at home and spending some time in hospital back in 2012. The centre worked to get Betty back on her feet and confident again. Unfortunately after returning home she had another fall and it was decided a care home was the safest and most suitable option.

The fiercely independent Betty requested she be moved back into the Oaks residential care home, which provides care to those with or without a diagnosis of dementia, because she’d had such a positive experience previously.

Betty had written into her Will that when she passed her remaining money was to be paid as a donation to the home. She wished to support the centre in providing the excellent levels of care she had received throughout her time at the Oaks Residential Centre.

Amardeep Bhattal, The manager at the Oaks said: “We are extremely thankful that Betty would leave us such an important legacy. This money will really make a difference to our resident’s lives, not just now but in the future.

Betty’s daughter Gina met with me to talk about the donation and the great work that the centre had done for Betty. She told me the staff here really helped to improve, and indeed prolonged Betty’s life.”

The centre is planning to spend the money on 6 new wheelchairs, which will mean that more residents can go out on trips as the wheelchairs will be up to safety standards, and the rest spent on improving the outside social area.

Picture from L to R: Betty’s Daughter Gina Rodrigues, Betty’s son Paul Swift and Paul’s wife Judith Swift.