Planning consent was granted on the £4.1m expansion of a Nottingham school this afternoon.

Members of Nottingham City Council’s planning committee voted to approve the application for Middleton Primary School, in Wollaton.

The expansion, funded by Nottingham City Council, will see a further 210 school places added for local children and expansion work should be completed by December 2019. The 210 extra places will be added gradually, by one class each year, until the school is at full capacity by 2024.

Councillor Sam Webster, Portfolio Holder for Business, Education and Skills, said: “I’m pleased that this expansion project has been given the green light today and look forward to seeing it taking shape.

“The expansion of Middleton Primary is the latest phase of Nottingham City Council’s work to provide additional school places. Our investment in additional school places began in 2009 and we will have added around 4,000 extra when all year groups are full.

“Middleton Primary is another Ofsted-rated ‘Good’ school in an area of the city with large demand and significant waiting lists across the year groups. There are more applications received from within the catchment area then there are places available – meaning children living nearby are missing out on a place and sibling groups are sometimes in different schools.

“The Government has prevented all councils from building new schools, so we have little choice to expand the ones we already have in order to meet current and future demand. This investment will also see big improvements to the school site and school facilities.

“The Council’s long-term expansion strategy will ensure that every child has access to the very best facilities in order to help them to succeed and reach their full potential. We must ensure that all children have the opportunity to access high-quality teaching and learning. Residents in Nottingham want good schools, with places available, close to home.”