The refurbishment of Victoria Bus Station is now complete improving facilities, ticketing and information for all bus travellers.

Nottingham City Council used £350,000 of Department for Transport – Better Bus Areas funding to refurbish the bus station to make it a more attractive, comfortable and informative place to catch the bus. The bus station currently sees over 150,000 bus departures and is used by around two million passengers a year, which is hoped to increase further now the refurbishment is complete.

Nottingham City Council is committed to promoting public transport to the residents and commuters of Nottingham.

Improvements include:

  • New lighting and roof glazing to make the station brighter and more inviting, especially at night
  • New floors and seating
  • New electronic real time information displays
  • A digital art gallery in link corridor from the bus station to the shopping centre
  • A Robin Hood smartcard vending machine
  • A new automated toilet
  • A new travel centre in the heart of the station where the public can access information about all their public transport queries and handle all ticketing requirements, including applying for Citycard concessions, renewing and topping up Robin Hood and Mango tickets, plus shop mobility and Citycard cycle hire.

Councillor Nick McDonald, Portfolio Holder for Business, Growth and Transport at Nottingham City Council, said: “The new improvements really make a big difference to Victoria Bus Station. We want to encourage more people to use public transport by making the station more comfortable and improving information about the bus services, we expect more people to choose the bus as their preferred way to travel.

“With the number of people using Nottingham’s buses and the bus station currently seeing over 150,000 bus departures and used by around two million passengers a year, which is hoped to increase further now these refurbishments are complete it is clear that the investment we are making in our public transport is paying off.”