The City Council will carry out urgently needed road repairs on Sneinton Dale on Saturday December 6th and Sunday December 7th between 8am and 5.30pm.

Repairs were planned for next spring but an inspection has indicated that works should be carried out now to prevent any escalation of the problem during the winter. Despite the seasonal slowdown of road repairs due to probable poor weather conditions, a contractor has been found that is able do the works now, so a decision has been taken to carry out the resurfacing work this weekend. Unfortunately this will have a significant impact on local residents and businesses.

There will be a bus diversion and Sneinton Dale will be closed to through traffic. We will try our best to maintain local access for local residents but at times there will be very limited access.

Repairs will take place on Sneinton Dale’s junctions with Ena Avenue, Sedgley Avenue, Rossington Road, Barnston Road, Port Arthur Road, Lichfield Road and Shrewsbury Road. This will mean that buses will be diverted via Carlton Road and not be serving the following bus stops: SN26 Eyre Street, SN39 Eyre Street, SN27 Windmill Lane, SN38 Windmill Lane, SN37 Lord Nelson Street, SN28 Lord Nelson Street, SN36 Sandringham Road, SN29 Sandringham Road, SN35 Edale Road, SN30 Edale Road, SN31 Skipton Circus, SN34 Skipton Circus, SN32 Cardale Road and SN33 Cardale Road.

Councillor Jane Urquhart, Portfolio Holder for Transportation and Planning at Nottingham City Council, said: “We have acted quickly to make Sneinton Dale safe for road users. We know that in winter, wet and icy conditions can make existing problems much worse and if we delay until the spring we will probably have even more significant works to complete. Because it is such a busy road we have had no choice but to drastically limit road access – completely at times – so that the work can be finished on schedule. I apologise for the inconvenience this will cause residents and road users. Our team will do their best to maintain a safe passage through the works but there will be unavoidable delays at times.”

If local residents have any questions or concerns, please contact Nottingham City Council on 0115 8761351. If you require additional assistance, or have any special requirements, please let us know as early as possible so that we may make any necessary arrangements.

For out-of-hours emergencies, please call the emergency out of hours number on 0115 915 2222.