The transformation of the Broad Marsh site is taking a step forward with plans to appoint experts to support the next stage of turning an exciting vision into reality.

The site of the former shopping centre presents a unique opportunity for the city to create something special, with a vision for how it could change drawn up by the Greater Broad Marsh Advisory Group, led by acclaimed urban designer Thomas Heatherwick. Key elements of the vision are:

• Reinstating many of Nottingham’s lost streets

• A wildlife-rich green space in the heart of the city centre

• Over 750 new homes

• New commercial and mixed use buildings, helping to create 3,000 jobs

• Retaining some of the structural frame of the shopping centre to create a new recreational space

•Rejuvenating the city’s unique cave network, with a new entrance and a new hotel above.

Now the City Council will be appointing three experts – a Master Planner, Development Manager and Advisor – to assess the vision in detail to understand what can be delivered. The appointments will be funded from the council’s capital receipts – funding it has brought in through the sale of its property assets.

City Council Leader, Cllr David Mellen, said: “We are keen to continue progress on the Broad Marsh site, moving from a vision that we unveiled at the end of last year, to a master plan for this site which is full of opportunities for Nottingham. This requires support and it is at this stage that we are bringing in the skills of a Master Planner and other experts to help us progress this exciting project. This will help us put a strong submission in for Levelling Up funding from Government.

“This site now presents a once-in-a-generation opportunity to create something unique and special for Nottingham, which will complement the work that’s already underway to transform this part of the city. People can already see reimagined pedestrian-friendly streets and public spaces, heritage-led improvements and a new car park and bus station – with work on fitting out the new Central Library expected to begin soon. We have demolished a large part of the former shopping centre, part of which will be developed into a new public space linking the Broad Marsh area with the city centre.”