The Leader of Nottingham City Council has condemned proposals by Nottinghamshire Police to stop investigating crimes like shoplifting as “nonsense.”

Councillor Jon Collins said the move would undermine years of work to make the city a safer place to visit, as well as impacting on the local economy and local businesses.

Nottinghamshire Police is considering proposals to meet the Government’s funding settlement, which could include withdrawing police from investigating crimes such as shoplifting.

Councillor Collins said: “The police need to continue to respond to reports of shoplifting, it’s a nonsense to suggest that it shouldn’t happen. Ignoring reports of shoplifting would undermine the local economy and local retailers, especially small independent businesses in the city.

“We understand the police face funding pressures as all public services do, but local people and businesses pay for a service and the police need to listen to their concerns and priorities rather than setting their own in splendid isolation as now seems to be the case.”