A Nottingham primary school has been praised for the range of visits and activities it provides to create a happy atmosphere for pupils.

An Ofsted inspection said children at Bulwell St Mary’s Primary got on well together and enjoyed taking part in sports, music and residential visits. They have also had the chance to improve the range of play equipment through the school council.

Following an inspection visit in March, the education watchdog highlighted the way pupils were motivated.

The inspector said: “Pupils told me they are happy to come to school. They know what they need to do to improve their work further and are given opportunities to do so.”

Awarding a judgment of ‘Good’ to the primary, the inspector added: “Classrooms are stimulating and highly engaging places to learn. Teachers provide displays which support pupils’ learning effectively. Pupils’ work is presented to a high standard and is celebrated around the school.”

In particular, the inspector highlighted:

  • Pupils are motivated learners; where pupils require additional support, the school has ensured that staff are in place to meet their needs
  • Staff are enthusiastic and highly committed. The school has identified the key priorities for improvement and has ensured that staff have a higher expectation of what pupils can achieve in lessons and over time.
  • Governors are ambitious for the school. They have a good understanding of what the school does well and what it needs to do to be even better.
  • In key stage 2, pupils write with increasing regularity and at length. Books show that skills in spelling, punctuation and grammar are taught regularly and systematically to give structure to writing and to make it more effective.
  • In mathematics, the school has refined teaching to increase fluency in arithmetic and to deepen and broaden pupils’ knowledge and understanding of mathematical processes to solve problems of increasing complexity.

Ofsted previously rated the school in Ragdale Road, Bulwell, which caters for 311 pupils aged 3-11, as ‘Good’.

Commenting on the inspection, Head Teacher Daniel Farthing said: “We are all very pleased that our hard work has been recognised. Parents, carers and children can be proud that Bulwell St Mary’s C of E Primary School continues to move forward in the right direction.”

Nick Lee, Director of Education in Nottingham, said: “Everyone at Bulwell St Mary’s should be proud of this Ofsted report. I’m pleased that the inspector has recognised the hard work that is being put in by the head teacher, leadership team, staff, pupils and governors.

“The council is working closely with partners from across the city to ensure that every child can go to a school that is rated as ‘Good’ or better.”

The full report can be read on the Ofsted website.