A persistent beggar has been jailed and banned from Nottingham city centre after he breached a Criminal Anti-Social Behaviour Order (CRASBO) fifteen times.

Darren Walker, aged 42, no fixed abode, also received a ten-month custodial sentence, four months of which had already been served on remand, when he appeared at Nottingham Crown Court on January 31.

The court issued a five-year Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO) that replaced his current CRASBO.  This new Crown Court Order prohibits Walker from begging anywhere in England & Wales and from entering into Nottingham City Centre unless to visit Housing Aid, his solicitor, Probation or Court.

His offences include fifteen breaches of his CRASBO, ten offences of begging and one public order offence.

Since 2012, Walker has been a regular sight on the streets of the city centre, either wandering around approaching passers asking for cash, or sitting or standing in prominent locations covered by a duvet or sleeping bag.

Efforts by Nottingham City Council’s Housing Aid and the Framework homeless outreach team to have him accommodated and address his vulnerabilities were made in vain for a number of years with Walker refusing any help and support. However after being accommodated in city hostels, Walker continued to depict himself as a rough sleeper on the city’s streets and beg for cash.

Walker was arrested for begging in London on 12 January 2017 due to being wanted for failing to attend Nottingham Crown Court in August 2016.

City Council Leader, Councillor Collins said: “This CBO offers protection to the public from Walker’s persistent offending behaviour.  Throughout his time in Nottingham it has been well documented how his begging has been aggressive and persistent, facilitating his drug use.

“Complaints regarding his behaviour were made on an almost daily basis at the height of his offending by members of the public and staff of numerous city centre businesses.

“Every effort by the City Council, Nottinghamshire Police, Framework, the courts, even his own defence solicitors and many substance misuse agencies have been made over a number of years to help Walker out of his offending and questionable lifestyle.  If he continues to beg for cash, his current CBO will result in further arrests, wherever that may be.”