Public statement from Nottingham City Council:

Nottingham is a diverse city that celebrates equality, inclusivity and respect. We believe it is important to have a positive conversation with children and young people about healthy, respectful and safe relationships.

Good Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) can equip young people with facts they can trust, helping to keep them safe and preventing them from turning to playground gossip or dubious information online.

RSE in schools is nothing new, for many years schools have had a legal duty to deliver Relationships and Sex Education lessons. Teachers are experienced at managing RSE lessons sensitively, in an age-appropriate way, and they make sure the right conversations are happening at the right stage in children’s lives.

It is important that children and young people are given the opportunity to explore a range of family and relationship types in a way that is supportive, inclusive and affirms children’s different experiences of family life.

In modern Britain, families come in many different shapes and sizes, including same-sex parents, single parents, fostering and adoptive parents.

Good RSE teaching, and an inclusive school environment, should meet the needs of all pupils regardless of their gender identity, disability, sexual orientation, race and faith.

RSE Day is a day for everyone to think about their role in promoting a positive conversation to support our young people develop towards healthy, safe and respectful relationships.

Signed by Nottingham City Councillors

Aspley: Graham Chapman; Patience Uloma Ifediora; Carole McCulloch

Basford: Salma Mumtaz; Nick Raine; Linda Woodings

Berridge: Angela Kandola; Toby Neal; Shuguftah Quddoos

Bestwood: Jay Hayes; Georgia Power; Audra Wynter

Bilborough: Phil Jackson; Rebecca Langton; Wendy Smith

Buwlell: Maria Joannou; Jane Lakey; Ethan Radford

Bulwell Forest: Cheryl Barnard; Eunice Campbell-Clark; Samuel Gardiner

Castle: Angharad Roberts; Sam Webster

Clifton East: Kevin Clarke; Kirsty Jones; Maria Watson

Clifton West: Andrew Rule

Dales: Gul Khan; Neghat Khan; David Mellen (Leader)

Hyson Green and Arboretum: Merlita Bryan; Azad Choudhry; Jawaid Khalil

Leen Valley: Audrey Dinnall; Mohammed Saghir

Lenton and Wollaton East: Pavlos Kotsonis; David Trimble; Sally Longford (Deputy Leader)

Mapperley: Leslie  Ayoola; Rosemary Healy; Sajid Mohammed

Meadows: Michael Edwards; Nicola Heaton

Radford: Hassan Ahmed; Anne Peach

Sherwood: AJ Matsiko; Lauren O’Grady; Adele Williams

St Ann’s: Sue Johnson; Chantal Lee; Dave Liversidge

Wollaton West: Steve Battlemuch; Zafran Khan; Cate Woodward

More information about RSE

RSE is taught in all schools. Content varies from school to school. To check the exact content you should speak to your school, but it currently broadly covers:

Read more facts about Relationships and Sex Education in schools here.