Nottingham City Council has reinforced its commitment to reaching carbon neutrality by 2028 after receiving accreditation as a Bronze Level Carbon Literate Organisation (CLO). The City Council is the first local authority in Nottinghamshire to achieve this status. 

This award from the Carbon Literacy Project is internationally recognised and shows that the council is prioritising climate change action through the training of its senior colleagues. City Council Deputy Leader Councillor Sally Longford, along with fellow councillors Zafran Khan and Rosemary Healy, and Director of Carbon Reduction, Energy and Sustainability Wayne Bexton, have all successfully completed their Carbon Literacy Training, becoming among the first people to do so at the City Council. 

Carbon Literacy Training is an immersive, one-day learning experience which allows participants to better understand the impacts of climate change and the role they play in reducing carbon emissions in the workplace and their own lives. By having senior leaders at the council undertake this training, the council can integrate climate change awareness into strategic decisions that are made.  

Having Carbon Literate leadership is vital for Nottingham as it provides an opportunity to influence decisions needed to become a more sustainable city and improve its transition to carbon neutrality. The Carbon Literate councillors can use the knowledge they gained through the training in their work – creating a low carbon culture across the council. 

In January 2020, Nottingham City Council declared a Climate and Ecological Emergency, acknowledging that urgent action is needed to prevent further damage to the environment. The council has committed to work with Nottingham’s residents, business owners and visitors to reduce emissions in the city, aiming to be carbon neutral by 2028. 

This target will be achieved by following Nottingham’s Carbon Neutral Action Plan, which includes actions such as further developing climate change awareness, understanding and knowledge among the council’s own staff. 

Councillor Sally Longford, Deputy Leader and Portfolio Holder for Energy, Environment and Waste Services, said: “Becoming the first Bronze Level Carbon Literate local authority in Nottinghamshire is another step on the city’s journey to reaching carbon neutrality. 

“We’re already making great progress towards our climate change targets, through the electrification of our fleet, retrofitting homes across the city and engaging with citizens through the Green Light in the City pop-up space. Undertaking Carbon Literacy Training will allow the council’s leaders to further embed an awareness of carbon emissions into how we work and will help us to mitigate the impacts of the climate emergency on the city. 

“We know there’s still lots to do, so I would like to encourage everyone in Nottingham to help us achieve our ambition. Everyday actions all add up to make a positive difference, no matter how small they may seem.”  

Wayne Bexton, Director of Carbon Reduction, Energy and Sustainability, said: “I’m really pleased to be one of the first key leaders within Nottingham City Council to achieve a Carbon Literate accreditation and delighted that we have achieved our bronze status for the whole organisation. The commitment of the council on the sustainability agenda is well known, and this is another step towards our carbon neutral ambitions.” 

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