New parking restrictions are being introduced along Nottingham’s Victoria Embankment to help more people use the park and riverside walks.

Day-long commuter parking along the Embankment has become an increasing problem, leaving people visiting the area for recreation with fewer parking options. It is also hoped that the new parking restrictions will help reduce some indiscriminate parking on grassed areas which can cause damage and leave parts of the park looking unsightly or unusable.

To address this, from Monday 18 July, drivers will be able to park for free for up to two hours on weekdays but will have to pay a flat fee of £2 after their free two-hour ticket expires. The new charges have been introduced from 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, to deter commuter parking. Evening and weekend parking will still be free.

Clear signing and lining will be in place explaining the new restrictions and penalties for non-compliance, along with instructions on how to register and pay. All drivers – including those planning to stay under two hours – will need to register to claim two hours of free parking, after which they must pay the £2 fee. This involves calling 0115 871 4000 and quoting the location code, or using RingGo’s website or smartphone app.

Councillor Nick McDonald, Nottingham City Council’s Portfolio holder for Business, Jobs and Transport, said: “Car parking spaces at the Embankment are really intended for those who want to make recreational use of the park and riverside area, not for commuter parking. We hope that by introducing these charges, more people will get the chance to enjoy the riverside and the Embankment’s park and Memorial Gardens.

“We consulted widely and amended our original proposals afterwards in line with local residents’ concerns so that they and those using the Embankment for recreational purposes and during the evenings and weekends should not be disadvantaged.”