Local people are being asked for their views on Nottingham’s highways and transport services – from the condition of roads and pavements to the quality of cycling facilities.

Their answers will be compared with the views of members of the public from across England and Scotland, thanks to the National Highways and Transport Public Satisfaction survey.

Nottingham is one of 106 councils to sign up to a standardised survey that will ask members of the public from each area exactly the same questions. This Highways and Transport Public Satisfaction survey is the public’s opportunity to get their views on our roads heard.

This national survey is the largest collaboration between councils offering the opportunity to compare results, share in best practice and identify further opportunities to work together in the future. This is the fourth time that Nottingham has taken part in it.

The questionnaire will be sent to a random sample of at least 3,300 of Nottingham’s residents from Monday 27 June, with local and national results to be published in mid-October. Since the survey is based on a sample, residents who receive a copy are being urged to take part and have their say on behalf of Nottingham.

Residents who receive the questionnaire can complete the survey online if they prefer, a short URL link will be printed on the front of the questionnaire and they will be required to enter a code before completing the questionnaire.

The results will enable the City Council to find out what people in Nottingham think about these important services, help to assess how it is performing and which services to prioritise and improve.

Councillor Nick McDonald, Portfolio Holder for Business, Growth and Transport said: “This survey highlights what local people think about roads and transport in Nottingham. We have invested in large projects to improve roads, create greener transport options and to promote integrated services.

“Works on cycle route improvements, smart bus ticketing, the Ring Road and low-carbon transport are vital to provide great transport options and are also important to businesses and to encourage economic growth. We traditionally do well in this survey and are looking forward to a positive outcome this time around too and picking up on any issues we may need to address.”

Peter Radford, Chair of the NHT Network Survey Steering Group said: “There are clear benefits to conducting a public survey in this way. As well as providing excellent value for money, it also enables everyone involved to identify areas of best practice and spot national, regional and local trends. This is not about producing a league table to champion one geographical area over another, it is about understanding customer views better and working together to deliver the most satisfactory yet efficient outcomes for local residents.”

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