Some boys imagine themselves at the controls of rockets, speedboats or fast cars – but for Archie Cook of Aspley, the humble bin lorry is his dream machine.

And for his seventh birthday, Archie had a truckload of fun when he got a ride to school in a Nottingham City Council bin lorry.

Archie’s mum Gemma tweeted the City Council’s @MyNottingham Twitter account to ask the council to surprise Archie for his birthday.

So bin men from the council went off to surprise Archie for his seventh birthday with a special ride to school in one of his favourite trucks – the Bulky Waste bin lorry. He got to ride alongside the bin men to Bluecoat Primary on Harvey Road on Wednesday 8 November.

Watch the video here:

Archie’s classmates were waiting to greet him as he arrived, and the council crews then spoke to the children about recycling.

Gemma, Archie’s mum, said: “Ever since Archie could get up to the window he’s waved at the bin men. They’ve always been so friendly and waved back, and every time our bin is emptied we have to leave it out for Archie to bring it back in after school. He absolutely loved this, so I’m really grateful to the City Council and the bin crew for making it happen.”

Alvin Henry, Neighbourhood Manager at Nottingham City Council, said: “We were delighted to help Archie celebrate his birthday with a trip in the lorry. The waste collection team said his face was a picture when they turned up at his house and he realised he was getting a ride to school in the waste lorry.”