There are just a few weeks left to get involved with the Hello Nottingham campaign, a project being run by Nottingham City Council in collaboration with the University of Nottingham. Through Hello Nottingham, people in the city can share their thoughts on climate change and the city’s ambition to be carbon neutral by 2028 via text message.

Signs and stickers are appearing in parks, community spaces and the city centre and beyond with details of how you can chat with Hello Nottingham.

Anyone in the city can interact with the signs by scanning a QR code or texting the number shown. This will prompt a two-way conversation where you can share your views, find out what’s happening in the city to tackle climate change, and discover how to get involved. To take part, look out for a sign when you’re out and about and use your phone to follow the instructions.

So far, the results from the Hello Nottingham project show:

  • 68% think their personal actions can make a difference to climate change
  • 93% said that they’re taking action to help address climate change
  • 73% think climate change will significantly affect their lives

The project will end on 31st July, after which the findings will be used to inform how the City Council engages with the public more effectively on topics relating to the Carbon Neutral Nottingham 2028 ambition.

As well as gathering information about what residents think about climate change, Hello Nottingham will be chattier than ever in the last few weeks of the scheme. Users will be able to ask it questions to find out more information about the area they are in – for example asking where the nearest coffee shop is.

Hello Nottingham is financed by the University of Nottingham as part of the Digital Nottingham scheme that uses data science, technology and innovation to solve local challenges, and promote growth in the city. 

Councillor David Mellen, Portfolio Holder for Carbon Neutral Nottingham, said: “I would like to encourage anyone in the city who sees our Hello Nottingham signs to interact with the campaign. We are particularly interested to hear if there are things stopping you from reducing your carbon footprint. “It’s positive that the results so far show that people across the city are taking steps to address climate change. As the City Council is only responsible for around 2% of Nottingham’s carbon emissions, we need to get everyone who lives in, works in, and visits the city to get involved.”

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